Dental Associates Dispels Dental Hygiene Myths

If you brush right away, youre simply coating your teeth with acid which can weaken the enamel on your teeth. Acidic foods include regular and diet soda, energy drinks, orange juice and other fruit juices, tomatoes, citrus fruits, tart candies, foods with vinegar, wine and other items. If you feel compelled to do something for your teeth after eating, have a small piece of cheese, swish water around your mouth or use a fluoride rinse to help neutralize acid. Chewing sugar-free gum also stimulates saliva flow, which neutralizes and dilutes the acid. An Old Wives TaleAspirin Applied to the Tooth Cures Toothaches Although this belief was most prevalent years ago, Cosmetic Dental Work some dentists still hear about it from patients. Since aspirin is acidic, placing it beside the tooth can actually burn the gum tissue. If you have a toothache, see your dentist.
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Grants Help Schools Break Cycle of Poor Oral Hygiene

Caruso School, Keansburg, N.J. In total, the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation awarded over $13,000 in 2013 OHEI grants. Following is a close-up look at our three main recipients for 2013. We look forward to following the success of these programs. PS #15, Paterson, N.J. At PS #15, only 10 percent of the third grade class receives routine dental care. As a result, half of the children already have tooth decay.
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