Typical Mistakes And Conditions That Harm Your Beautiful Smile

You do need a solid dental hygiene program consisting of regular brushing during your day. Let’s not forget flossing, and dentists say to do that at some point in the day but only once.

You use mouthwash at least once if not twice a day. Let us not forget the weird thing some do; scraping the tongue with special tools for bad breath, etc. Still though you don’t have the beautiful and healthy smile you are working so hard to build. Mistakes are common in this area of tooth and mouth care, so we will touch on some of the more common ones.

Ask your dentist about the effects of hot drinks like teas and coffee on your teeth, and you’ll be surprised at what you find out. What basically happens is they damage your teeth at the microscopic level and that leads to cavities. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have a cup of coffee. Try to have more water which will help plus putting milk with your drink helps mitigate the tannin’s effect on the enamel.

Avoid drinking water from your tap because bottled water does not contain as much fluoride as most of the country’s tap water. Fluoride is not hard to filter out using conventional filters, so it’s not like it’s rocket science. In the end it is up to you and what you believe, so we are just giving you some options, here. But bottled water may also not be the best unless you recycle the plastic.

One thing all dentists tell their patients is to brush the teeth two times during the day, morning and evening. If you consume a lot of sugar, then you should brush extra during the day. The best practice is doing it right after eating or drinking the sweet stuff. The issue here is keeping your teeth free from bacteria so you have to do it as soon as you can. Now this is a very simple strategy that can help you a lot more than you think. You can have the best oral care practices and still end up counteracting them in some way. Those are what we call unintentional mistakes, but if you keep doing them after you are aware of them, then that is another story.


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